About Vleveka

Vleveka is a stock-holding wholesaler/ importer of various items such as paper, writing materials, office supplies, stationery, toys, accessories, party- and craft items and is located in Deurne (The Netherlands). Vleveka was founded in 1955 by Mr. Vleeschhouwer. The name Vleveka was based on the Dutch abbreviation VLEeschhouwer VErtegenwoordiging in Kantoorartikelen which means Vleeschhouwer Representation of Office supplies. In 1980 Mr. Humphrey Nauta, father of the current owners, bought the company and built together with his sons Sjacco and Robert the present company; our main office in Deurne is run by an enthusiastic and experienced team of 19 persons. Deurne is also the location of our warehouse of 4.500 m2. Our sales office in Germany was opened in 2006. Our customers are mainly larger European retail-organizations like Chain-Departementstores, Supermarkets, Cash & Carry discounters and Drugstores. Vleveka currently has customers in nine different European countries. The sourcing of our products takes place via a carefully built network of producers and production locations in Europe, Asia, and Central-America

The main ambition of Vleveka B.V. is to maximize added value for our customers and to contribute to achieving all their strategic goals. Vleveka as a logistic service provider has gathered extensive knowledge over the years and built a reliable network of suppliers and the ‘Product Compliance’ of all our items and ‘Social Compliance’ of all our suppliers is our key-focus. Vleveka offers an excellent price/quality ratio for all her items. Vleveka started off as a specialist in sourcing Private Label Customer brands, whereby in close collaboration with our customer’s items are selected, purchased, imported and stored in our Distribution Centre in Deurne. However, we also offer items in our own brands; TrendLINE, ClassicLINE and OfficeLINE.

Vleveka is BSCI certified and also most of her production partners are certified members of this trademark for responsible entrepreneurship. It is also possible for a large number of paper- or wooden items to supply these with FSC® of PEFC® trademark.

To monitor and ensure her level of services also in the future, Vleveka has started a trajectory in 2019 to obtain the ISO-9001:2015 certificate. In her policy statement Vleveka focusses on continuous quality monitoring and improvement.

Vleveka has an extensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) –set up, whereby orders can be received digital, our deliveries can be provided with SSCC delivery notes, labeling and accompanying messages and electronic invoicing via EDI.